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I think I checked all off my list...
I have been reading and reading alot stuff regarding seo and all the items that need doing to a page for optmization. ...

Layer vs Search Engines
What about layer. If keywords in layer do search engine consider or index it?? ...

Help a designer is destroying two years of work
Help a designer is destroying two years of web positioning work. Owner has zip web knowledge. The designer has forwarded 20 domains to one domains instead of having a page for each domain. ...

Recent Articles

Google Page Rank Is Dead
I discussed how Google's Page Ranking System has become obsolete, but at the same time, many business savvy entrepreneurs still give it credit and could possibly discredit or credit your website accordingly to it's rank...

Optimize Google AdSense Revenue by Reducing the Number of Ads on a Page
On Sept. 2, Google announced that they would now allow their AdSense clients to post ad code in two or even three places on their site.

Google's Adsense Program Expands with Web Search
When Google launched Adsense, millions of website owners scurried to sign up. By adding "AdWords Text Ads" to your website, you can make a nice little income with no work on your part. Once the code is placed on a page, Google scans it for a theme and shows ads related to the content it finds.

Guarantees from SEO Companies
Recently there has been a spate of well publicized court cases against SEO companies who have been involved in dubious practices such as making false claims or false guarantees.

Making Informed Keyword Choices
Marketers stake much of their livelihood on keywords, whether for proper search engine optimization or targeted pay-per-click advertising. One challenge faced by inexperienced marketers involves knowing which phrases to target out of hundreds of combinations.

Google Can Now Index . . . Flash! An Interview with Michael Marshall
As you know, a Flash movie as the index page of a site has always been a major problem with search engine optimization. There's simply no content for the search engines to index. – Google’s New Photographic Portal
As if had any problems with acquiring new technologies along comes and helps Google let people share graphics and video for free!

Google Slavery...Old Habits Die Hard
For the first few months after Yahoo decided to go their own way with natural search (and MSN decided to get serious about the search business), the search results provided by those two could only be described as bizarre.

Making Informed Keyword Choices

By John Calder

Marketers stake much of their livelihood on keywords, whether for proper search engine optimization or targeted pay-per-click advertising. One challenge faced by inexperienced marketers involves knowing which phrases to target out of hundreds of combinations.

Often, one will find terms which look good, but later testing reveals the terms simply don't convert visitors to sales. If you performed your due diligence by testing and tracking all elements of the sales page (copy, graphics, price, etc), this scenario may leave you baffled and wondering "Why didn't this phrase produce sales? It really looked like a winner!"

Every search term presents us with the challenge of reading intent. What was the visitor really looking for when they typed in the phrase? While it's impossible to know this with certainty, you can improve your ability to read intent from keywords, and improve the accuracy of your targeting.

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Do You Need A GPS To Navigate Your Site?

By Scott Van Achte

There are many very important aspects in SEO, but few are as essential as proper navigation.

As more and more webmasters turn to state of the art technologies for designing attractive and exciting websites, many of them are forgetting all about the search engine spiders.

Many visitors tend to enjoy an eye catching flash or other graphically intense means of navigation; however there are many search engine spiders that pass these by. Although some spiders are capable of following linked graphics, many seek out and follow straight text links, ignoring the rest.

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Google Signs On For DigitalLife
Google is among the latest wave of companies to sign on for Ziff Davis Media's new event DigitalLife.

Other new sponsor and exhibiting companies include TiVo, AT&T, XM Radio, CallVantage Service and Movielink. DigitalLife -- the first event by, of and for the digital consumer -- takes place October 14-17, 2004 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Yahoo! Messenger Available Through Cingular Wireless
Cingular customers can now stay connected with the Yahoo! Messenger community through their phones.

Cingular Wireless customers can now access their Yahoo! Messenger accounts and send/receive instant messages on their wireless phones through a full-color, graphical interface called Mobile Instant Messaging.

Mexican Programmer Transforms Gmail Into Blogging Tool
Jonathan Hernandez, a Mexican programmer, has developed software that turns Google's Gmail service into a blog.

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