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Use of Free Web Hosts ?
I have noticed that competitors are doing incredibly well in some niches using free web hosts. In one case a site had 5 or the 6 top Google results for the exact same page ...

MSN & Yahoo - Similar Algos?
It's become widely understood how Google's search algorithm differs from that of Yahoo and MSN. ...

Domain Name Choice and SEO
The word is that theme-based indexing highlights the importance of the domain name of a web site, i.e. that the domain name should contain most important keywords. Doorway Pages are out, Doorway Domains are in. ...

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Hunting For Online Directories - The In Depth Strategy
Directory marketing can help boost your companies performance a great deal. Not only will you get qualified leads for your business, your web site will also increase it's traffic ranking a tremendous amount.

Google Page Rank Is Dead
I discussed how Google's Page Ranking System has become obsolete, but at the same time, many business savvy entrepreneurs still give it credit and could possibly discredit or credit your website accordingly to it's rank...

Google's Adsense Program Expands with Web Search
When Google launched Adsense, millions of website owners scurried to sign up. By adding "AdWords Text Ads" to your website, you can make a nice little income with no work on your part. Once the code is placed on a page, Google scans it for a theme and shows ads related to the content it finds.

Guarantees from SEO Companies
Recently there has been a spate of well publicized court cases against SEO companies who have been involved in dubious practices such as making false claims or false guarantees.


Optimize Google AdSense Revenue By Reducing The Number Of Ads On A Page

By Sterling D. Allan

On Sept. 2, Google announced that they would now allow their AdSense clients to post ad code in two or even three places on their site.

Envisioning a doubling or even tripling of ad revenue, clients from around the world immediately set to work to add more ads to their site.

However, instead of seeing an increase in revenue, the revenue actually dropped.


Think dilution.

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Why High Ranking Does Not = Traffic/Sales

By Chris Richardson

Gaining top positions within search engines is no guarantee of traffic increases. Even if traffic does increase, there are still no assurances this traffic will convert into paying customers. These very issues are what a couple of posters at WebProWorld recently faced. Each has decent-to-top SERP rankings but they have little to show for it, business and traffic-wise.

The first poster, monarchanurag, owns custom-made men's clothing store specializing in Jodhpuri suits. In monarch's post, the problem was stated as; "I am able to get the good rank of the site in Google in last 4 months but not able to convert the traffic into customers. Average pageviews per month is between 1000 to 1500."

Another poster with similar issues, named Curious George, has top positions for his chosen key phrases, but has a very low traffic count. George says, "The average daily unique visitors have constantly been around 14 since the site launched in February. The service is free (for now) but the long-term goal is to generate revenue from both art collectors and artists' traffic. Beside SEO and SERP rankings I have no advertising budget because I thought with good SERP ranking will come the traffic, only to find out that it (SERP) is not a field of dream(s)."

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Yahoo! Acquires Musicmatch for $160 Million
Yahoo and Musicmatch announced they have signed a definitive agreement under which Yahoo! will acquire Musicmatch for a purchase price of approximately $160 million in cash...

24/7 Real Media Announces ''24/7 on Target'' Reaches 45 Million Monthly Users
24/7 Real Media announced today that 24/7 On Target, its behaviorally targeted advertising solution, now has more than 45 million monthly unique users, according to ComScore Media Metrix July 2004 data... Launches Pay-Per-Call
FINDWHAT.COM today announced the United States launch of its pioneering advertising service--FindWhat...

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