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100,000 pages taken down....how long till they might be
I have started dropping the url where I think it will get picked up by googlebot the quickest but am wondering how long till they might at least be able to find the site through google search and then how long for full reindexing.

Does redesigning effect rank
The behind the scene, meta tags and etc would stay the same, but everything else would change. If I totally change it by creating a whole new theme/layout/content would this effect my rank in search engines? If not, would it effect my website in a manner?

Domain Toss Up
I always go through this problem of juggling between a couple of domains to get the one which will be best for SEO, although it may not even make any difference. I've heard all kinds of suggestions

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Web Accelerator Stopped At The Door
I was visiting Whackbag.com, the unofficial Opie & Anthony message boards, and was stopped cold by this message ...

Google Working On Web Accelerator Fix
C|Net reports that Google has confirmed that one of the problems with Google Web Accelerator in which cached copies of other users' web pages are served up, does indeed exist, and that it is working on a solution...

FTD.com And ProFlowers.com Capitalize On Motherís Day Search Engine Marketing
On the heels of Mother's Day, WebTrends Inc., the web analytics market share leader, today unveiled results from its WebPosition Ranking study of how five "grower fresh" flower sites

Grokker.com Bring Visuals To Yahoo Search
Today, Groxis Inc., a search visualization company, announced the launch of Grokker.com, the first web-based version of Groxis' visualization software.

Personalize Your Google Search
When you search with Google, it sees you as any other Google user. It has no idea what your interests are. Therefore, for the same search words Google will deliver the same results...


Google Web Accelerator And Security

By Mark Fleming

The web is abuzz with talk of the pros and cons of the new Google Web Accelerator. Mostly the con, and the issue is privacy. I want to let you in on an immediate problem you must understand.

This morning, the Inside Google blog published in its excellent article, Much Controversy of Web Accelerator, a very worrisome bug that is a byproduct of GWA-getting logged into some web sites as someone else! Or put in a more frightening way, others can see pages of YOURS as if they were logged in as you.

An excerpt:

"See, Google isn't serving web pages faster, its serving other people's versions of the web page faster. What does that mean? ...

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Left, Right, Or Center? Can A Search Engine Be Biased?

By Jason L. Miller

Is there a conspiracy deep in the belly of the Internet beast? Are corporate entities secretly driving the information available to you-subtly stroking toward a global political opinion matching their own agenda? Maybe they are. Maybe they're not.

For the unwitting, it is largely assumed that this info-universe is under the tight, objective thumb of algorithms, a mathematical surety of neutrality.

But in the world outside, humans prove craftier than processors, and find ways to outsmart search engines. Add some advertising, and the pure waters of objectivity become a cloudy, bleach-white mess.

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A Penny For... Carnival of the Capitalists
This week sees an inquisitive approach for the travelling business show, recognized by one and all as Carnival of the Capitalists makes a visit to Todd's great business blog known as A Penny For...

Social Software Makes It's Way Towards Mass Culture
As someone who's more into the 'fusion cuisine' side of new communication tools and channels rather than the theoretical/cerebral analysis side...

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