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Wanted: a good web crawler...
A group of us have created a new (LONG overdue) "open" human-edited directory aimed at overcoming the pitfalls associated with others...

Hight in Yahoo, Low in Google
I have a web site thats been running for a few months now. I've tried to follow as many guide lines as possible to get my site listed high in search engines.

What is the fastest way to get listed?
I have a bit of a problem in that a Classified Ads site my company took over and redesigned recently was previously listed in google and for some reason the pages listed on google are still the old ones.

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Google Makes Slight Alterations To AutoLink
When Google first introduced the beta version of the Google Toolbar 3, it contained a feature that caused many heads to turn, as well as an outcry of disapproval.

GoLexa.com Provides A Number of SEO Tools
The recently launched GoLexa.com offers users a completely ugly website that turns out, in spite of its appearance, to be completely useful, especially to those needing search engine optimization information.

The Yahoo Music Engine
This post at Slashdot notes some cool stuff about the Yahoo Music Engine. As it says...


Google Content Blocker?

By Chris Richardson

In one of the more humorous gags to target the search engine marketing industry, specifically Google, in recent memory, someone has set up a fake web page offering a Google Content Blocker utility.

The fake Google utility offers to block web content in order to view your ads by themselves. However, it's not only the idea of gag that makes it so effective. To celebrate the content blocker, the jokesters made a thorough site, done in the traditional Google style, complete with an awesome white paper (pdf file) describing how the device works.

The faux site also includes a mission description, which says:

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Google, The French, And World Domination

By Jason L. Miller

"[T]he Internet [is] the most recent and the most sinister facet of American cultural imperialism to emerge: the Internet is anchored in the United States; the vast majority of World Wide Web sites are based in the U.S and are in English; most software used to navigate the Internet is in English; and search engines are in English (Kim, 1998)".

A cloud is moving toward Europe. It carries with it the thunderous, electrical, (digitized?) calling card of storm-fronted majesty, raining in streams of zeros and ones, boisterous, anarchical, bellowing the dirges of Europe's heyday, reeking of Yankee imposition, a new brand of manifest destiny wearing a name tag pregnant with the usual oddity of foreign names-a name that gurgles from it foghorn style as it moves across the sea-Gooooooo-gle!

Was that a tad dramatic? Judging from France and the EU, it may be an accurate description of how they feel about it.

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MPAA Sues TV Program Swappers
Some BitTorrent sites have been directing traffic for the exchange of television programs online. The black market for general television programs has grown just like the one for pirated movies...

IPsec Security Flaw Found
The safety of virtual private networks using IPSec encryption and tunneling comes into question. Per the findings of the British NISSC, the US Computer Emergency Response Team released a vulnerability advisory on the IP Security protocol suite...

Flextronics Chief Stepping Down In 06
The contract electronics manufacturer will see its CEO Michael Marks yield the chair to COO Michael McNamara...

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