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Fast Track Linking
I have been testing an idea concerning good inbound links (high PR & traffic links) from other sites. The idea is this...

.com or .co.uk for uk search engines
I have a site that has recently been indexed by the major search engines with a .com extension. It resides on a uk server at present.

Titles and tags
I have been tasked with SEO for a brand new site. For previous sites I have use the following code for the header etc:

Recent Articles

goWholesale Launches New Online Rating System of Companies
goWholesale, a subsidiary of Liquidity Services, Inc., is launching an online directory of verified wholesale sources for eBay sellers, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for wholesale inventory.

The Lonely Hearts Use Google As Well
Apparently, the varying methods in which people use search engines are going to continue its evolution until the Sun collapses...

Schmidt Says "G-Money" Ainít Happening
Eric Schmidt told an interviewer from the Associated Press that Google is absolutely not going to release an electronic payment system to compete with eBay's PayPal.


The Factors That Play A Role In Your Web Siteís Ranking

By Chris Crum

Have you ever had a proposal, estimate or quote for search engine optimization work and wondered what goes into the pricing?

What makes one site need more work than another? Why do some sites increase rankings faster than others? Why do some sites get more traffic from their top page ranking than yours?

There are so many aspects of a web site that can decrease or boost your search engine rankings. Each web site is as unique as DNA and as such, will react differently to different marketing treatments.

What are these different factors that go into your web site's ranking? Here is a list of the most important aspects:

1. The State of Your Site Prior to the Optimization - Your web site can have many different attributes that contribute to it's ability to rank well or not so well.

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Most People Use Search To Shop

By Chris Richardson

As we've discussed, more and more, the search engine industry is solidifying itself as an almost essential part of our daily lives. The amount of searches done in any given day (250 million Google searches per day in 2003) bears this thinking out.

However, just because search is becoming an integral part of our daily activities, that does not mean everyone who uses a search engine can differentiate between organic results and paid search advertising, at least according to a Harris Interactive study commissioned by iCrossing.

The study, as reported by MarketingVOX, discovered that the majority of searchers do so because of shopping purposes. It also revealed that many who use search engines could not tell the difference between paid advertising and organic listings.

According to the study, which surveyed 2000 Internet users, 56 percent of those who use search cannot tell the difference between the two results. However, when you broke these numbers down according to the big 3 of the search industry (Google, Yahoo, MSN Search), you find that 51 percent of Google users can in fact tell the difference between paid listings and natural results.

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FreeNews is a Winner
Over the past several months I have been playing around with mobile RSS readers. These include Newsgator Mobile Edition, Bloglines Mobile and My Yahoo! Mobile.

While any of these online tools are very adequate for reading feeds on the go, I found them lacking in a few areas...

Judge Chastices Plaintiff For Not Using Google
InternetCases.com notes that in a recent case, the court chastised a plaintiff for not using Google.

In Munster v. Groce in Indiana, the court had to determine if the plaintiff had used "due diligence" to locate the missing defendant. Namely, it had to decide if enough effort had been put in to find the guy...

A Person-to-Person, Stored-Value System?
OK, so CEO Eric Schmidt says that Google is not building a PayPal competitor after all. In fact, it's apparently much more -- or perhaps much less -- than that.

Although he declined to provide any details about the project, Schmidt made it clear it won't trespass on PayPal's turf...

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