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What search engine user spends the most money???
I have noticed something very interesting among the sites. The new site gets 3x as much traffic from yahoo as it does from google and 1/3 more traffic that msn.

Alexa disappeared
I know that Alexa ranking is really arbitrary, but I use it every now and then just because I am curious.But it seems that the whole Alexa site has been gone for two days now, at least from my IP.

Need info about the concept of a mininet
I have read a lot recently about setting up a mininet of sites and I am unsure about the specifics of doing it. I have a furniture site that seems like a good candidate.

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Which Search Engine Would Win At Trivial Pursuit?
There are many different ways to test the accuracy and relevancy of a search engine, but as anyone ever considered using a trivia-based game as barometer?

WebmasterWorld Conference Wrap-up
As a veteran of last year's San Jose SES, I certainly understand the benefit of conferences when it comes to everything related to search engines including; marketing, optimization, link strategies, and so on.

Adult Industry Offers Additional Uses For Google Wallet
Ever since news about Google's upcoming payment service broke, there have been many who have speculated about the different uses and purposes of the "Google Wallet".


The Lonely Hearts Use Google As Well

By Chris Richardson

Apparently, the varying methods in which people use search engines are going to continue its evolution until the Sun collapses. Since inception into the mainstream, the way people use search engines has grown from a mere information and fact-finding tool to something many couldn't imagine being without.

Well, with thanks to Philipp at GoogleBlogoscoped for the heads-up, there's another reason people are using Google for: finding other souls who happen to share a common bond: being lonely.

They do so by typing in "I am lonely" into Google and then meeting up on the MovieCodec.com forum and sharing their feelings of loneliness. The particular thread has a large number of posters, with thread extending to 70 pages. A number of posters acknowledge they used Google to find the particular thread.

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Different Uses For The Upcoming Google Wallet

By Chris Richardson

Is Google targeting eBay and PayPal? That is exactly what people thought when news of Google's payment service was leaked. In today's WebProNews, we feature a couple of stories that take a look at the possible uses and implications for Google's upcoming e-wallet.

In an open letter to Google written by Sam Sugar, and appearing on his SugarBank blog, suggests the Google Wallet would be a perfect tool for adult-related Internet purchases. He provides a number of sound reasons why this would be a good move for Google, financially and otherwise.

When it was first revealed, many thought the Google Wallet would be a direct challenge to eBay's PayPal service, this line of thinking was categorically denied by Google CEO. Yesterday, Charlene Li discussed how G-Money could be used to consolidate micropayments, which constitutes a viable option for the Google Wallet, especially when you consider Charlene's detailed scenario.

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MSN Search Introduces More Sports Answers
One of the features being added to search engines is the ability to take a query and provide more than just the standard search results as a response. A number of engines have introduced options that allow users to receive specific answers when they enter a query about a certain subject.

For instance, Google, AOL Search, Yahoo and Ask.com all have features in place so when a user enters a query about a particular movie...

What Is Microsoft’s RSS Announcement?
Dave Winer has been privy to the details of Microsoft's upcoming RSS announcement, which is coming Friday at Gnomedex. But what is it?

some RSS-related news coming later this week at Gnomedex a group on the MSIE team that wants to extend RSS to handle lists You mean there's an RSS Team at Microsoft? ...

Are you letting Feedburner hold you hostage?
I don't have a problem with Feedburner (I use their service myself and I think it's great), so please don't think that I'm picking on them.

But wouldn't the last thing we would want to do as bloggers be to publish to the world an RSS feed URL that we don't own? I see it as no different from handing out thousands of business cards with an @earthlink.net address proudly printed on it - rather than one @ your own domain name...

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