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Think About This: IceRocket Is Being Sold
Think Partnership will acquire the blog search engine IceRocket from Mark Cuban and IceRocket CEO Blake Rhodes. Think Partnership has announced a letter of intent to acquire IceRocket. Financial terms have not been disclosed.
Farechase Reloaded At Yahoo
The programmers behind Yahoo's Farechase travel metasearch have included everything but the kitchen sink with the recent relaunch of the flight and hotel website.
Google Calendar Wants To Date You
Months of waiting and leaked screenshots have finally led to the official launch, in beta, of the Google Calendar product. Google Calendar has occupied the minds of Googlites everywhere, dutifully blogging away whenever a whiff of GCal rumors wafted into the blogosphere.
Google Offers New Chinese Brand Name
The USA Today has details of Google's launch of a Chinese-language brand name - "Gu Ge," or "Valley Song," - which is designed to give China's users the warm and fuzzies.
Search Is Academic To Windows Live
Microsoft announced the beta release of its Windows Live Academic Search service in seven countries, and focused the search service on conducting research across a spectrum of academic journals.

Google Will Save Us All
Wow, I just finished reading Gabriel Stricker's love-fest Google article and couldn't help think that maybe he and Google should "get a room".

The Google Rainy Day Fund
Almost as many suggestions exist on how Google could spend its $10 billion cash pile as there are dollars in that cash pile. CNNMoney asked of Google, "What kind of downpour do you expect?" A Google spokesperson offered a lengthy insight into the search advertising company's plans...

Local Search Gains Traction
Business Week has an article that focuses on the growth of local paid search ads. A couple of examples show how local ads are perfect for businesses targeting a geographic area. One such company is Absolute Adventues in San Francisco.

First Page Of Search Engine Is Still The Best Place
Now that I'm not working for an arch-rival, I feel more inclined to link to iProspect's studies. It always amuses me when industry people see me and my pal Rob Murray hanging out at a conference - they act like they've just busted a secret affair.

Screenshots Of Google Calendar / CL2
A reader passed along these screenshots of Google Calendar (code-named CL2). I'm not going to speak towards their authenticity, just pass ‘em along to you guys.


Lost In Speculation: Can Google Beat AT&T?

Jason Miller By Jason Lee Miller

Imagining Google's next move has the same dreamy qualities of buying a lottery ticket - a mountain of cash pulls the heavens closer and the term "extravagance" loses its meaning. In short, it's fun to imagine the possibilities, even if a dream, of what Google can achieve.

One of the more interesting dreams is born of sheer perfect timing. In June, the U.S. government will auction off chunks of radio spectrum with bids expected to go as high as $10-$15 billion. The owners of these spectra can, conceivably, set up a wireless broadband network.

Prior to the upcoming auction, so the theory goes, Google and a host of Internet companies, frustrated with seemingly fruitless battles with a Congress sympathetic to telecommunication giants who want to tighten control over Internet access, take a peak at their account balances and realize they can become ISPs. And they can do it rather easily.

These same telecoms that have been muscling anti-Net Neutrality measures into federal and state-level legislatures have also been hounding Google and bandwidth-exhaustive content providers to share the cost of delivery.

But what if Google, either alone or with partners like Amazon and eBay (even Microsoft) could buy that radio spectrum, set up a wireless network, and bypass their struggles with the telecoms altogether? We the people, continuously under the thumb of telecom extortion, would herald them as heroes.

There are two upcoming spectrum auctions. The one in June offers 1710-1755 and 2210-2155 MHz frequency bands. A second one, which could happen as late as 2008, is for a larger and possibly cheaper 700 MHz frequency band.

LookSmart. Where to Look For What You Need.
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"A consortium of new media companies could wind up leading the pack to buy that spectrum (700 MHz) and provide a third (broadband) pipe into homes," said Washington Analysis' George Dellinger.

AT&T's Jim Cicconi, in that same Investors.com article, wouldn't be surprised at unusual bidding from companies who don't even have concrete plans.

"It wouldn't shock me to find a range of unusual bidders in the upcoming spectrum auctions," said Cicconi. ""Experience has shown that some companies haven't needed a well thought-out business plan to bid (in earlier auctions)."

NetworkingPipeline's Preston Galla joins us in our dream state:

"Google is already building wireless networks in San Francisco and its home of Mountain View. The company is sitting on top of the biggest pile of cash south of Bill Gates -- probably close to $10 billion after a planned $2 billion new stock offering. It can afford to do it. And when it comes to cash, eBay and Amazon aren't slouches, either.

"So the network neutrality debate may blow up in AT&T's face. When it comes to buying bandwidth, I'll choose Google over the telco dinosaurs any day of the week."


And if you allow yourself to float dreamily down this road, it is easy (in your thoughts at least) to put the puzzle pieces together, dropping each jig-sawed kernel into place. We remember the GEMAYA prophecy (a future projection of one Internet super company consisting of Google, eBay, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, and AOL).

We are aware of the convergence of media, Google's video and audio plans. We've learned of interesting wireless patent applications. We've dreamt and speculated, been immensely disappointed, and then continued on again (once over our heartbreak) to imagine what could be done with all that money.

What does Google have to say about it? The same thing they always say:

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately I'm unable to comment on rumor or speculation. Thanks for checking in with us though.

Megan Quinn
Google inc.

About the Author:
Jason is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

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