Monday, July 24, 2006 Zooms In On Desired Results is making strides forward in its "mission to help people make ideal buying decisions." Input anything into the engine, and it will offer back results classified as product reviews, buying guides, discussion forums, or product details. Become has dubbed this filtering action "Search Zoom."

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Google: Features aren't New and Different and WowGoogle: Features aren't New and Different and Wow
This blog (Valleywag) is really more about understanding the Valley than its products, but a top Google exec just made the sorriest excuse for pushing half-baked products...'s TV Ads Go From Primate to's TV Ads Go From Primate to Genius
USA Today looks at how has increased its share of the search engine industry by rolling out clever TV ads. It's an interesting plan to go straight from...

Search Results Clustering DemystifiedSearch Results Clustering Demystified
Clustering may mean to have two or more computer systems working together or multiple servers linked together for the purpose of handling variable workloads...

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Zeitgeist Takes A Turn For The Darker
The Google Zeitgeist was more bleak than usual this week, with several death- and violence-related incidents making the list. It's not all depressing, though... Read More...

Search Roundup: Google Skips While Others Trip
It's hard out here for a portal. Yahoo! and MSN keep ramping up their offerings in order to take back some of that search share they keep losing to Google. How's it working for them? Read More...

Google A Challenger In Search Enterprise Market
Google is offering Microsoft some heavy competition in the search enterprise market. That's what an iTWire poll... Read More...

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