Monday, August 7, 2006
SES 2006: Yahoo Announces Search Builder
SVisitors can construct a Yahoo Search engine for their sites through the new Yahoo Search Builder service...

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Newsforce Press Release Optimization ToolsNewsforce Press Release Optimization Tools
A new set of tools for press release optimization was announced today called Newsforce. The toolset is a combined effort of SEO-PR, SiteLab International and Primero Systems...

Google Webmaster Central Takes Place of SitemapsGoogle Webmaster Central Takes Place of Sitemaps
SEW reports that Google has re-named Google Sitemaps to Google Webmaster Central and added some cool new tools in the process. Including...

Google Content Match ReduxGoogle Content Match Redux
I must confess to being eager to get on with a Functionalism Blog since we released our White Paper on this and have been getting a lot of response...

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