Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Mobile Shopping Search - The Next Trend?
Search engines have revolutionized the way people look for information. A huge success on the Internet, search has made people dependent on it that people use search engines to do everything from research to shopping. Shoppers find great deals and stores just by searching for products they are interested in...

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What are the bloggers saying?
Google Analytics Opens Up, WiFi and CouponsGoogle Analytics Opens Up, WiFi and Coupons
Google Analytics is now open to all according to the Google Analytics Blog. The main Google blog announced that they will be offering free WiFi in Mountain View...

Your Favorite Search Blog?Your Favorite Search Blog?
Rand Fishkin has done it again! He's created yet another link-tractor-beam, designed to get us search bloggers linking to him. This time, Rand has listed out his...

Google AdSense For Search Runs Within Your SiteGoogle AdSense For Search Runs Within Your Site
Google has issued an update to AdSense that now lets AdSense for search run inline in website pages, complete with all the formatting, instead of on a Google page...

Previous Reports
Brazil, Bahrain Gang Up On Google?
Google seems to be encountering some difficulties overseas. In Brazil, the government is attempting to force the company to disclose information on certain Orkut users. Authorities may fine Google, or could even close down... Read More...

Google Launching New Blogger Features
Google has announced they are rolling out new features for Blogger. Some of the cool new tools include: Permissions, Labels, and Extra Feeds... Read More...

Dub-Dub-Dub Your Yahoo Ads
Yahoo wants its advertisers to be sure to include the WWW part of URLs when making entries in its Ad Targeting tool... Read More...

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