Monday, August 21, 2006
SEO Directories - A Godsend?
Directories have been around for some time now, even longer than search engines have. Directories, like search engines, are used by people to search for websites containing the information they seek...

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What are the bloggers saying?
What's Bad For The Goose Is Fine For The GanderWhat's Bad For The Goose Is Fine For The Gander
You know how Google doesn't want journalists and other people to get in the habit of using its name as a verb? Well Yahoo's own blog says they're fine with the idea...

If You Can't Google, Yahoo Instead!If You Can't Google, Yahoo Instead!
While Google is busy using its vast legal army to prevent people from "googling", Yahoo sends out an open invite for anyone that wants to "yahoo" instead...

Search Competitors Gaining on GoogleSearch Competitors Gaining on Google
Big news! Google is dead, long live Google! Well, some people are salivating at news from ComScore that suggests Google lost 1% of market share in July...

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