Tuesday, October 10, 2006
When Will SEO Become Obsolete?
Recently I've seen some predictions that with the direction search engines are taking, search engine optimzation is going to become obsolete in 5 or more years...

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Google Developing Political BS Detector?
Yahoo Buys Default Search On HP Systems
Google Goes To School With UC Berkeley
Google Promotes Power Conservation (But Not In Cars)

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Soccergirl’s Success Story
Self described as “the first naked podcaster” Soccergirl gathers attracts crowd of around 50,000 listeners to her program, which is a part of Adam Curry’s Podshow network. In addition to the typical difficulties in establishing...

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New Prizes Added to SEM Scholarship ContestNew Prizes Added to SEM Scholarship Contest
I'm delighted to announce Search Engine College has offered to donate a valuable prize to our SEM Scholarship contest. Kalena Jordan is helping us to improve the Paid Search component...

HitTail Rocks!HitTail Rocks!
I read a blurb about HitTail, which analyzes your search engine referrals and suggests keywords you should target, and decided to give it a shot. I am now a believer!

Could Google Face YouTube Lawsuits?Could Google Face YouTube Lawsuits?
There's going to be a lot of Google/YouTube coverage floating around this week, so I don't plan on re-hashing every take on the deal. However, I will post any story that looks at the acquisition...

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