Tuesday, March 13, 2007
SEO For Thin Content Sites - Making A Photo Blog More Visible
Search engines love text. Unfortunately they're not so hot on images, so when you have to optimise a site that has thin content and rich imagery you've got your work cut out.

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Microsoft Looks To Buy TellMe Networks...
Microsoft may be ready to pay eight hundred million, or possibly more, to acquire TellMe Networks. TellMe is a voice applications company that enables speech recognition, and could be very important to Microsoft's...

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The Wide, Wider, Widest World of SearchThe Wide, Wider, Widest World of Search
As announcements proliferate about the major search engines getting into all sorts of new advertising areas -- particularly Google and their TV experiments...

Keyword Research for Niche TermsKeyword Research for Niche Terms
SEO Question: I am trying to do keyword research for a client, and he is focused on a niche phrase that does not show up on any of the major keyword research tools.

A Good Search Marketing Provider?A Good Search Marketing Provider?
What Makes A Good Search Marketing Provider? A good search marketing provider will... 1. Have the required mix of skills including literacy, numeracy, creativity and web...

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I prefer the term search engine marketing to search engine optimization. As Ive written about before, search engine optimization sounds too much like....Read More...

Thoughts On Yahoo Paid Inclusion
ASK.com's CEO, Jim Lanzone has criticised Yahoos paid inclusion over at the Stepforth blog. I have to admit, Yahoos paid inclusion program, now known as Search... Read More...

Google Desktop 5 Released
Google Desktop is now available in version 5. Google redesigned some of the look and feel of the application, increased the security - there were some recent problems....Read More...

Looking To The Future Of SEO
There have been a number of complete gems posted around this week which all look to the future of SEO. I saw Danny Sullivan do a presentation on the... Read More...

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