Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Ask.com Now Available in 3D
We can now safely report that Ask has a new look and feel. A wide range of media sources are now dutifully reporting on it. But is it news? Maybe, but some of what we're focusing on is barely worth a mention. You can "skin" the homepage... if you happen to use it, but if you're like 98% of searchers, you never do. So the comment...
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SES Mythbusting
In the past couple of weeks I've been doing my best to promote the upcoming SES Toronto. Such as, telling people about it at the Mesh pre-mixer or sitting in the hallway... Read More...

Dogpile: Relevance in Aggregate
Dogpile came out with an update of its study about how there's very little overlap among search top search results for the major engines. Here are the highlighted stats... Read More...

Mahalo, Ho-Hum
Another day, another search engine getting some buzz. This one, Mahalo, has some pedigree behind it - well, if you can call it that. Jason Calacanis, the entrepreneur... Read More...

Newsflash for Ask: The Algorithm...
In case you hadn't heard - Ask.com has a new advertising campaign through their new partnership with Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B) focused on making a hero... Read More...

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Link Optimization and Short URLsLink Optimization and Short URLs
Linking to other web sites has been part of the natural order of things on the web ever since the web began. Even so, it wasn't until about two years ago, when the search engines...

Ask.com Uses blinkx to Power Video SearchAsk.com Uses blinkx to Power Video Search
blinkx will power the video search at Ask.com. In addition, blinkx will also provide the video search capabilities for Ask.com's Smart Answers section of their site.

Quality Based Pricing from Yahoo!Quality Based Pricing from Yahoo!
Yahoo! announced their Panama API Monday. They also announced the beginning roll out of their quality based pricing for content websites: Previously, you were charged the...

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