Tuesday, June 12, 2007
The Battle of Integrated Search
Ask.com is snapping on the heels of Google Universal Search with Ask 3D, the integration of all its search verticals into one main results page.
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Answers: How Can Companies Use YouTube...
Find out how YouTube can be used as a great example of viral marketing from SiteLogicís Matt Bailey at the 2007 SEW in Columbus, right here on WebProNews..

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What are the bloggers saying?
Google Maps Update - Higher Resolution Google Maps Update - Higher Resolution
The Google Earth blog reports that Google Maps went live with higher-resolution imagery for several locations, including cities in France, Canada, Germany and Japan (this mirrors...

Google Maps - Biggest Universal Search WinnerGoogle Maps - Biggest Universal Search Winner
Google released Google Universal Search in mid May 2007 which saw the integration of all its various search verticals including Google Maps, Google Images...

Landing Page Quality Score Factor in AdWordsLanding Page Quality Score Factor in AdWords
Digital Point Forums and Webmaster World both reports about landing page quality score factor and how keywords that were evaluated as "Great" have suddenly dropped to "poor".

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