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Google Lens Ends Up Overshadowing the Recent I/O Keynote

The Google Lens ended up overshadowing the recent I/O Keynote when it was first introduced by the American tech company.

However, there's a good reason why it stole the show, considering that the new update has huge potential in changing the present augmented reality landscape.

According to the company, the technology utilizes machine-learning to classify objects in the real world that are viewed through the user's phone camera. In addition, it also has the capability to analyze and interpret the objects with the end objective of anticipating what it is the user intends to do.

Google Lens can even automatically connect to a Wi-Fi router using optical character recognition for the username and password. The user can also read reviews of the restaurant in a pinch with the use of this new feature.

Google CEO Sunda Pichai said during the conference, "All of Google was built because we started understanding text and web pages. So the fact that computers can understand images and videos has profound implications for our core mission."

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